Farm Estancia Ganadera


Location: Department of San Pedro, Paraguay


General Farm Information

  • Total area: 7,659 hectares
  • Farm Location: Paraguay, Department of San Pedro. The farm Estancia Ganadera is located in the district of San Pedro and Tacuati, 350 kilometers from Asunción. In addition, it is located near Colonia Manitoba, Río Verde, and Santa Rosa del Aguaray.
  • Headquarters: Firstly, facilities include a dining area for the staff, a separate house for the foreman and horse staff. In addition, there is a large house with 3 rooms and accommodation for 6 people, a living room, an attached barbecue area, a kitchen, and a swimming pool. Further, there is an office area and housing for staff.
  • Storage: Warehouse for machinery and storage of veterinary products. In addition, there is also a warehouse for chemicals and seeds for agricultural use.
  • Fuel tank: 20,000 liters with dispenser
  • Electricity: There is a three-phase power line in the headquarters, extending to the junction point
  • Generator with the capacity to power the entire headquarters
  • Access to communications: Internet connection and telephone signal
  • Pastures developed: The entire cattle area is seeded with colonial and Mombasa pasture and has few trees. Further, the area is fenced, with water troughs located in the center of the pasture. The cattle area is currently used as a wintering and breeding farm. In addition, sidetracks, weighbridges, scales, a loading ramp, and warehouses are located in the central corridor.
  • Feedlot area with capacity for 7,500 cattle heads.
  • Silo with a storage capacity of 2,500 tons. Additionally, it has a balanced feed processing plant.
  • Water reservoirs: 2 Australian tanks fed by artesian wells. Moreover, pipes connect the tanks to the drinking troughs. As a result, the cattle have access to water in all plots.
  • Irrigation area: 2 central pivots covering 105 hectares each.
  • Airstrip: 1100 meters long

Land Allocation

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