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Farm Santa Maria


West Chaco, Paraguay, Cañada Madrid (river)

Farm Santa Maria


General Farm Information

  • Total area: 11,000 ha
  • Farm Location: West Chaco Paraguay, Cañada Madrid (river)
  • Activity: This is our flagship Estancia in Paraguay for cattle raising and breeding.
  • Productivity: 0,7 cattle per hectare without irrigation
  • It receives around 600 mm of rain annually, but the quality of the grass there is very high.
  • 7,000 ha are mainly perennial Gatton Panic grass.
  • No other farm in Paraguay or Brazil has such high-quality grass for fattening cattle.
  • The best farm model is to turn as much land as possible into grassland and to plant maize or sorghum for cattle feed.
  • Facilities: fences, cattle treating equipment, house for workers
  • 10 wells on the farm
  • Naturally fertile soil allows for crop growing without the use of fertilizers.

Paraguay is the perfect place for agricultural business

An investment at the right time

95% of the territory is suitable for food production with competitive land prices

Paraguay has the potential to triple its current agricultural output

Easy access to a young, efficient, motivated and cost-competitive workforce – 70% of the population is under the age of 35

Paraguay’s subtropical sunshine, fertile soil and short winters make it ideal to grow high-quality citrus crops

Access to key export markets with significant tariff advantages

Competitive tax regime with tax benefits under Law Number 60/90 and Maquila Regime for International Investment

Lowest energy prices in the region (hydropower from dams). Paraguay consumes only about 10% of the energy produced; most of the energy is exported to Brazil.

Real Estate

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