Farm Santa Maria


West Chaco, Paraguay, Cañada Madrid (river)

Farm Santa Maria


General Farm Information

  • Total area: 32,153 hectares – three separate titles, attached to each other.
  • Farm Location: Fortín Ayala Velásquez, Boquerón, Mcal. Estigarribia,
    West Chaco Paraguay, bordering Argentina. The Cañada Madrid (river) is flowing right through the farm. Additionaly, the Pilcomayo river, which separates Paraguay and Argentina, borders to the south of the farm.
  • Activity: Cattle raising and breeding farm
  • Productivity: 0,7 cattle per hectare without irrigation
  • Production area: 7,000 ha, mainly perennial Gatton Panic grass.
  • Headquarters: 1 – with housing for staff, office, house for the manager. Equipment includes antenna with internal radio repeater (VHF), signal amplifier (Tigo), WIFI, closed shed, 40KVA 3 phase generator.
  • Facilities: fences, cattle treating equipment, corral.
  • Water resources: it receives around 600 mm of rain annually, but the quality of the grass is very high.
  • Australian tanks with waterhole and well: 8 units. Wells on the farm are purely for backup, because the water supply for the cattle is taken from the Cañada Madrid. Only a few border farms to Argentina have their own river water supply which provides superior safety.
  • Internal roads: 86km on the northern sector
  • Southern sector (on the south side of the river has completely been marked according to the infrastructure plan provided by local authorities)
  • Exceptionally natural fertile soil allows for crop growing without the use of fertilizers.
  • Opportunity: the best farm model is to turn as much land as possible into grassland and to plant maize or sorghum for cattle feed.

Paraguay is the perfect place for agricultural business

An investment at the right time

95% of the territory is suitable for food production with competitive land prices

Paraguay has the potential to triple its current agricultural output

Easy access to a young, efficient, motivated and cost-competitive workforce – 70% of the population is under the age of 35

Paraguay’s subtropical sunshine, fertile soil and short winters make it ideal to grow high-quality citrus crops

Access to key export markets with significant tariff advantages

Competitive tax regime with tax benefits under Law Number 60/90 and Maquila Regime for International Investment

Lowest energy prices in the region (hydropower from dams). Paraguay consumes only about 10% of the energy produced; most of the energy is exported to Brazil.

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