Farm Serrano Kurt


Location: West Bahia, Brazil, Municipality of Cocos



Probably the best farmland in the world

Farm Serrano Kurt is located in the tropics of West Bahia in Brazil. More specifically, it is positioned 800 meters above sea level on a flat plateau intersected by small rivers. As such, it represents an opportunity to acquire superior agricultural land in a region where farmland is amongst the most productive in the world. Land prices in West Bahia still remain low when compared with other parts of Brazil and are positively a bargain when compared internationally. This is an ideal farm for developing projects for regenerative cattle farming and agriculture!

Farm Serrano Kurt

General Farm Information

  • Farm size: 3,840 ha (1,200 ha already developed into grassland)
  • Location: Brazil, West Bahia, Municipality of Cocos
  • Current operation: Cattle raising farm
  • Farm capacity: 4,000 head with no irrigation. However, there is much more potential with irrigation
  • Large wooden farmhouse
  • Autonomous solar power supply.
  • Residential building for employees
  • Wells for the cattle and a supply of fresh drinking water
  • Own diesel generator
  • Runway for small airplanes nearby
  • Good internal and external roads
  • Operational costs — up to 30%
  • Taxes — up to 5%
  • The possibility for irrigation with center pivots (Urucuia Aquifer underground reservoir and Sao Francisco River)

Farm Serrano Kurt consists of two contiguous plots totaling 3,840 hectares of land. It is currently being operated as a cattle breeding and raising farm. So this is the ideal place for raising cattle with high productivity and through nature conservation methods. For example, the average fertility rate is of more than 85% per year.

The property is fenced all round and is adjacent to a river. Therefore, a supply of water for the cattle is guaranteed even if the normal water supply be interrupted. Of the farm’s 3,840 hectares some 1,200 hectares have already been transformed into grassland. Additionally, another 700 have been prepared for grass cultivation and about 1,100 have been left completely untouched.

Existing Infrastructure

Supporting infrastructure is already well developed, particularly in the immediate area of the farm. For instance, electric power from the state grid is available at the property, which also has its own diesel generator. Also, current construction of the main road will provide paved access to the highways. As a result, the farm will have a direct connection to the export ports 800 km to the east.  Both internal and external roads in the immediate vicinity are in good condition.  Additionally, the nearby runway makes travel by small airplane possible.

The property includes a large wooden farmhouse which has its own solar power supply. There is another residential building for employees’ use, wells for the cattle, and a supply of fresh drinking water. Three people are currently employed at the ranch.


Farm Serrano Kurt - cattle ranch or crop farm?

Cultivation of grass for cattle is the intermediate step in the preparation of the Farm Serrano Kurt land for crop production (soybean, maize, cotton, coffee).

The current focus of Farm Serrano Kurt is livestock. Above all, this is due to the present logistical challenges and limited available personnel in comparison with other types of farming. The region is particularly well-suited to cattle ranching with an extremely low rate of parasitic infection among the animals.

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