Farm Estancia Vira


Location: Pantanal area, Paraguay



Probably the most beautiful farm in the world

Farm Estancia Vira is a 7,650 ha. cattle ranch with a great location. It lies in the Pantanal area of Paraguay, just 5 km north of Fuerte Olimpo, the largest town in the area. In short, Estancia Vira is a place with an interesting mix of eco/adventure tourism, cattle breeding and fishing.

Location and Existing Infrastructure

  • Perfect location of the farm: 5 km north of Fuerte Olimpo, the largest and only town in the area
  • Total size of the farm: 7,650 ha
  • Current operation: Cattle breeding farm (great farm for nursing cows and less ideal for fattening cattle)
  • Farm fencing/borders include 33 km of perimeter fences on the western part. However, on the eastern border with the Rio Paraguay River no fencing is needed
  • 19 cattle camps with 67 km of interior fences
  • All needed infrastructure to raise and care for the cattle
  • Buildings for management and staff
  • Areas with palm trees with natural grass and specially bred perennial grass
  • Cattle breeding capacity: 4,000 heads
  • Precipitation and climate: 1,100 mm annual precipitation. Part of the largest tropical wetland in the world
  • Very fertile land to the west of the farm is suitable for crop harvesting
  • The farm is very conducive for bird watching tourism as there are a lot of bird species
  • The property has 115 hectares of natural ponds and an abundance of species of fish. In addition to cattle breeding, these ponds are very suitable for breeding fish. As a result, it is ideally suited for the commercial use of wild or natural pond fishing.
  • The bordering river can be used for transportation of goods, thus reducing transport costs significantly. Consequently, Estancia Vira has the potential for a harbor to supply goods and services downstream to the Paraguayan capital Asunción
  • The farm is also suitable for crop production on the west – maize, sorghum and rice

Paraguay is the perfect place for agricultural business

An investment at the right time

95% of the territory is suitable for food production with competitive land prices

Paraguay has the potential to triple its current agricultural output

Easy access to a young, efficient, motivated and cost-competitive workforce. Specifically, 70% of the population is under the age of 35

Paraguay enjoys subtropical sunshine, fertile soil and short winters. Therefore, this makes it an ideal place to grow high-quality citrus crops

Access to key export markets with significant tariff advantages

Competitive tax regime. For example, this includes tax benefits under Law Number 60/90 and Maquila Regime for International Investment

Lowest energy prices in the region (hydropower from dams). Paraguay consumes only about 10% of the energy produced. As a result, most of the energy is exported to Brazil.

Farm Estancia Vira - The perfect place for cattle raising with all supporting infrastructure

One great advantage of this property is the abundant natural grass growing between palm trees, as you can see in the pictures. Precipitation can be year-round and is on average 1,100 mm per annually. Therefore, Farm Estancia Vira has excellent growing conditions. Of course, for the natural grass between the palm trees, there are no costs involved. In other words, all you must do is fence in the area. Additionally, the farm has areas where specially bred grass is growing. As a result, Farm Estancia Vira can support up to 4,000 cattle (young and old).


The Pantanal Region - Where is Farm Estancia Vira Located?

At over 17 million hectares, the Pantanal is the world’s largest wetland. As such, it is a critical component of the Rio de la Plata Basin, the world’s fifth-largest watershed. The Pantanal extends across the borders of Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia. As a result, it provides natural flood protection for millions of South Americans. In addition, it serves as a refuge for thousands of species and provides billions a year in economic output.