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Tree Plantations – Argentina

Tree Plantation

Province of Misiones

In 2016 Concept Nature Management started to take form in the Province of Misiones in Argentina. The region immediately attracted our attention for tree plantations due to its affordable land prices and lush natural beauty. In addition, local legislation protected the environment from contamination and abuse. As a result, Argentina retained most of its Parana Jungle (unlike the southern Brazilian states).

The region also has one of the highest annual growth rates in the world, mainly due to fertile soil, its warm climate and abundant rains.

The province sits above the gigantic Guarani Aquifer System and is rich in natural resources, including rushing rivers and rainforests. Since water is a resource that will increase its value in the future, this makes the land even more attractive.

How Did We Begin?

Some companies in the area outsourced the services of land preparation, ant control, pruning, and harvesting. However, we realized that this did not lead to optimal results and efficient resource usage. Rather, it was far more effective to hire our own personnel and purchase our own equipment in order to maintain the soil and improve the land’s infrastructure and buildings.

In the beginning, we intended to cultivate low-priced exotic eucalyptus and pine trees. So, we acquired almost 800 hectares in this province. However, we soon realized that there would be greater benefits if we directed our efforts to several native species. This would not only produce wood of higher quality but also help the local ecosystems. This is something that local authorities encourage by means of financial incentives. Therefore, we began the cultivation of exotic tree species with a high value.

In order to accomplish those goals, we set up our own plant nursery. A supervisor that is renowned in the province due to their vast experience operates the nursery.

Technology Optimization

The province is part of the Rio de la Plata river system and additional ports are being built. This indicates a promising trade potential, as it provides a direct connection with the world economy. 

Our tree plantations and surrounding land have a sizable protected forest. This is beneficial for receiving sustainable usage approval, such as forest enrichment and careful harvesting. In addition, it enables us to get into the CO2 markets and increase profits.

In order to make the most of the acquired land, we started to implement the silvopastural system. We acquired cattle, which naturally began expanding its population. Grazing between the trees where there were different types of grass and corn planted supplemented the animal’s diet. On the other hand, this benefits the trees because as the cattle graze they also naturally contribute to the fertilization of the soil. Additionally, the nearby piggery provides organic fertilizer and additional meat for sale to consumers.  This method will help the project attain a degree of self-sustainability in the short run.

Social Benefits

For operation of our tree plantations we hired local personnel who contributed their experience in the necessary tasks. This includes animal handling, pruning, harvesting, etc. Moreover, they also possess valuable knowledge of the surrounding environment and experience with the dynamics of the Argentinean economy.

Currently, the employees have a contractual employment relationship with our partner, Nature Concept Management. This relationship provides social security coverage as well as periodic improvements in terms of safety and stability. These are highly valued employment benefits in this part of the country and will help the local communities. The government seeks to promote such terms of employment due to Argentina’s need for work-generating investments.

New Project in Santiago Del Estero

At the same time, our company purchased 26,500 hectares in the province of Santiago del Estero. This province was previously excluded from the vigorously developed Argentine agricultural industry. However, it has been improving both its infrastructure and economic conditions, along with irrigation measures for better natural resources management. All of this will lead to an increase in land prices as a result of its recently discovered potential.

After subjecting the properties to different types of tests, we decided to improve the soil quality by cultivating lucerne, corn, cotton and some other species. These steps, along with some other measures, will enable the land to increase its value. In time, the land will become a productive agricultural area in the province. Areas that had been eroded wastelands are now being used for raising cattle and agriculture production, which present themselves as interesting possibilities.

In 2018, we also leased nearly 930 ha of land and tree plantations in Bulgaria and planted new species of trees. For example, these include white acacia, white mulberry, wild cherry, black walnut, atlas and Himalayan cedar. Click here for more information about our Bulgaria plantations.


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