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Is it a part of your investment portfolio?

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Agro Concept Management

Adding farmland to your investment portfolio increases diversity with little or no increase in investment risk when compared to other types of investment opportunities. Well-managed, fertile agricultural land and farms are renewable resources. As such, they remain productive and profitable for as long as they are operated. Additionally, farmland is a solid and physical asset with the ability for an endless supply of crops and food. Likewise, it performs an important function, and is unlikely to lose its value as a result of unstable financial markets. Agro Concept Management aims to become your reliable investment partner. Farmland, agriculture and cattle farm investment and development are our area of expertise. Above all, we want to share our experience with you!


Our planet’s resources are not endless, but they are renewable. Our vision is to use natural resources wisely, and as a result, practice agriculture in the most eco-friendly and productive way. We understand that being responsible for the environment today is, first and foremost, our global mission!


We aim to provide steady, sustainable and profitable agriculture investments. This will help meet current food demands without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. For instance, we are minimizing potentially negative impacts on natural resources by optimizing water and land use. However, we are still able to provide high return investments to our clients.


We wish to provide our clients and partners with the best agriculture investment opportunities, and therefore, help them to invest properly in agriculture. Moreover, we promote sustainable food systems by using farming practices customized for the local climate and optimising business processes.

Why Choose Us?

Strong experience in cattle farm investments in Brazil
Professional attitude and innovative approach
Reliable local partners in cattle raising and farm management
Security of investment in a long-term period, high returns, and tax efficiency

We know how to guide you in investing properly in the most secured asset – farmland.

In particular, we know how to start and manage the process of land development, and therefore create productive and profitable farms.

Furthermore, we provide you with the most lucrative choices of farmland assets by focusing on location, topography, climate, and water resources.

Additionally, we cooperate with large local landowners if you are interested in investing in large crop or cattle farms.

AgCM has the resources, skills, and experience to make your farm investment both commercially successful and environmentally sustainable.

The ways farmland generates income


Farmland has historically outperformed stocks and bonds with double-digit total yearly returns over the past four decades and with very low volatility

In addition to attractive returns, farmland provides valuable diversification benefits to a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds

The expected growth in long-term demand and supply indicates strong fundamentals for continued value appreciation.

Portfolio Differsification

Stable Returns

Capital Preservation

Inflation Hedge

Low Correlation

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