Cattle Investment Opportunity

Investment Strategy

Cattle Investment Opportunity

Currently, the growing world population and its appetite for premium meat is putting intense pressure on the cattle industry and beef prices. The market in Brazil is growing rapidly because it currently has the largest, inefficiently used land base for cattle. For instance, ninety percent of all livestock farms are not operating at maximize land capacity. Therefore, this provides a good opportunity for investors wishing to invest in cattle farms. Almost any investment in the industry would allow the cattle farm to have good profit margins.

Investment only in cattle means you would invest in working capital for purchasing cattle for at least 3 years. At the end of the period, you receive an agreed annual return in US dollars as a percentage of the investment amount. We organize negotiations between you and the farm owner in Brazil, as well as assist until the contract is signed.

Lucrative investment in short-term period

Excellent short term ROI

No need to participate in operational activities

Stable and strong consumer market for beef

Multiple consumers in the beef market around the world

Farming model with irrigation that maximizes land use and increases productivity by 100% per hectar

Low operational costs

Easy to administer

Low risk for all involved

Conveniently invest and receive returns without leaving home

Solid and secure investment

Agro Concept Management provides you the opportunity to invest “remotely”, easily and properly. You do not need to participate in the day-to-day activity of the cattle farm. Our local Brazilian farm management partner does all the operational work. This includes purchasing, raising, and selling the cattle. The only investment from your side is the cash flow capital. All supportive activities, such as farm management, cattle raising, breeding and sales are the obligation of the management company. Finally, after three years, you receive your investment back with the interest generated during the investment period. You can decide to reinvest your money for the next three-year period with the same cattle farm company. Or, you could withdraw your capital at the end of the three-year period once the cattle are sold.  The minimum amount of investment is $3 million USD. The yearly interest rate can vary depending on the amount of investment.

Cattle Raising Investment Process

After the contract has been signed between you and our cattle farm partner there are 4 stages in the cattle investment process:

After you fund your investment, the cattle farm partner uses his expertise to purchase the best genetic young bulls at the best price.

The partner will purchase the maximum number of cattle possible for your investment. This takes into account the cost for grazing and feedlot for each animal. This also includes costs relating to land use, transportation, veterinarian care, insurance, and overhead.

  • The animals are individually numbered with ear tags
  • The animals are your property while the contract is in effect

Once the purchase is complete, our local farm management partner will choose the most suitable cattle farm and transport the cattle. The animals will benefit from constant care provided by highly trained and experienced farm personnel and veterinarians. The average grazing period for the cattle is 24 months.

  • Animals graze in open grass pastures the entire year and gain up to 0.70 kg per day
  • In accordance with local industry practices, the cattle will be put into a feedlot the last 3 months to increase their weight.

The animals are kept on the farms until they reach a slaughter weight of more than 500 kg. Some animals reaching more than 600 kg during the grazing and fattening period. The cattle farm partner then sells the animals to a local slaughterhouse, thus generating income for your investment.

After the three-year period, you have two options. First, you may withdraw your invested capital, plus the accumulated interest, and then terminate the contract.  Or, you could choose to reinvest your money with the same farm partner for the next 3 years.

Investment Options with Agro Concept Management