Investment Strategy

Investment Opportunities

Agro Concept Management works with investors in the brokerage of highly profitable investment opportunities in the Brazilian agricultural industry.

Our clients are both private and institutional investors and agricultural companies.

We are not an investment fund or a financial organization. Our services provide you with the best agricultural investment opportunities from our portfolio. It is our pleasure to connect you with farmers and landowners for establishing partnerships. In doing so, we assist both parties in arranging online and on-site meetings in order to reach an investment agreement. After the parties finalize an investment agreement, AgCM receives remuneration by means of a commission.

There are three investment options available to you:

  1. Purchase your own farm
  2. Create a joint venture or other investment relationship for farm development
  3. Invest in cattle only.


You can become the owner of a cattle or crop production farm in Brazil or Paraguay in some of the most lucrative agricultural regions today.


Partner with large local farmers who have extensive experience in farm development, operation and management, and product sales.


Invest in cattle and receive returns without participation in the day-to-day operation of the farm.

How we work

Compared to other types of agriculture, cattle farming in Brazil is the most lucrative in terms of high returns in short-term periods with relatively low administrative and operational costs.


  • We have strong local partners  large land and farm owners in Brazil and Paraguay.
  • AgCM selects the best farm or land suitable for your project and provides you with the information of its exact location and existing infrastructure.
  • We arrange introductions and online meetings between you as an investor and a farm owner or our local partners, facilitate negotiations, organize on-site farm visits, and assist both parties during the negotiations until the contract is signed between both parties.
  • We can suggest the most efficient farm development process, taking into account specific ownership issues, agricultural market characteristics and local legal regulations.
  • AgCM assists both parties in establishing private equity partnerships.
  • We present you an investment offer, if you choose the investment option “in cattle only”. In this option, you invest in working capital for purchasing cattle for a period of at least 3 years and receive an agreed annual return as percentage in US dollars on the amount of investment. We arrange negotiations between you and the farm owner, and assist both parties until the contract is signed.
  • We have a Brazilian partner, a farm management company that can manage your farm development process on site.
  • As a global investor, you would not need to participate in the day-to-day aspects of the farm development and further management process. Our reliable local partners can take care of these operational activities.

We at AgCM consider each and every client to be our best partner!


Brazil is a powerhouse economy in Latin America with a GDP of $1.84 trillion USD. Also Brazil is ranked among the top 10 countries in the world for largest population and landmass.

As a major player in international trade, Brazil has proven to be an open and vibrant country. It has a diversified economy and one of the largest consumer markets in the world. With more than 209 million residents, Brazil provides a strong and steady domestic demand for services, goods and agricultural products.

It also has a highly productive agriculture sector and a broad and sophisticated industrial base. In addition, it is one of the most solid and prudently regulated financial sectors in the G20. Finally, Brazil has the largest stock market in Latin America and abundant natural resources.

Brazil is open to foreign direct investment (FDI) and continues to attract leading and innovative international businesses. This is thanks to profitable opportunities bolstered by robust domestic investor protection rules enforced by an independent, credible judiciary and a fair regulatory environment, providing security for investors.

According to the UN Conference on Trade and Development, Brazil remains among the top 10 recipients of FDI in the world and is the only Latin American country on that list. From 2010 to 2018 FDI made in Brazil totaled over $1 trillion USD, averaging $122 billion USD annually, according to data from the Central Bank of Brazil.

Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of beef, orange juice, sugar, coffee, soybean, and ethanol biofuel.

As the world’s 8th largest economy, Brazil has it all: a huge domestic market, natural resources, developed industries, vast amounts of land and a favorable investment environment.

Investment Options with Agro Concept Management