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About Us

Who we are

Agro Concept Management (AgCM) is an agricultural asset management and real estate company operating in farmland sector in Eastern Europe and South America. In 2017, we started our activity in Europe with a tree plantation project quickly expanding our partner base globally. Today, we have a portfolio of highly valued agricultural properties in regions with the most productive arable land in the world and with water-rich resources.

AgCM offers farms and land ideally suited to sustainable livestock and crop production in Brazil (Western Bahia) and Paraguay (Chaco and Panatanal). Depending on the region, the farms can be used for producing soybeans, corn, sugar, cotton, coffee and cattle.

We know that the farmland and agricultural sectors are the most secure and profitable long-term investments one can make today. Therefore, we primarily focus on introducing foreign investors to our partners for the acquisition and the development of new farms.


What we do

Farms and land for sale

We offer ready-developed farms for breeding and raising cattle in Brazil and Paraguay.

In addition, we offer undeveloped land in Brazil (Western Bahia) and undeveloped land in Argentina.

Investment opportunities and farms development

We provide private and institutional investors with the opportunities to invest in development of new profitable farms for cattle-raising or crop production through a joint venture or other forms of partnerships with our local partners.

AgCM also facilitates the setup of farm management through a reliable local partner.

Tree plantations projects:

We operate tree plantations in Bulgaria for fine wood production (acacia, mulberry, black cherry, walnut and cedar).

  • We partner with the company operating and managing tree plantations in Argentina.


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