Farm Itauba


Location: Autazes, Amazonia, Brazil



General Farm Information

  • Total area: 10,793 ha
  • Location: near Manaus, Brazil
  • Type of land: Forest
  • Current operation: no operation
  • Natural reserve: 80%
  • Land allowed for operation: 20%
  • Access to public paved roads
  • Opportunities: for preserving goals, wood extract at a small part of the farm and the soil is good for the plantation of manioc.
  • The farm is not a part of FUNAI (National Indian Foundation of Brazil)
  • Documents available (certificates, CCIR, CAR, etc.).

About the Region - Where is Farm Itauba Located?

Farm Itauba is located in Autazes, a municipality of the Metropolitan Region of Manaus, in the state of Amazonia. It occupies an area of 7.599 km² and its population is estimated at around 38 454 inhabitants (according to the IBGE). Therefore, it is the 16th most populous municipality in the state of Amazonas and the fifth of its micro-region. Additionally, several rivers run around Autazes and more than 100 lakes. All of these are conducive to fishing activities (among them the peacock bass, which has become the symbol fish of sportfishing in Brazil). Several boat operators are also active in the surroundings.

The Mamori River runs through the city and connects with the municipality by Careiro Castanho. Moreover, the Tupana River is one of the most preserved and wild in the region. According to IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) data, Autazes has the largest buffalo milk production in Brazil, and in general, the agricultural production is based on the creation of dairy cattle. In addition, there is also an abundant production of rennet cheese, butter cheese, and milk, as well as the cultivation of manioc (flour), cupuaçu, guarana, orange, beans, and corn.

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